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Stikwood upgrade your rv walls

If you’re looking for some DIY RV makeover inspiration, Stikwood is for you! Within a day, you can transform any space in your RV with Stikwood’s simple reclaimed peel and stick wood planking. I was so excited to partner with Stikwood to add some fun character to our brand new fifth-wheel! Check out this before and after and details on how you can use Stikwood to upgrade your RV walls!

Stikwood upgrade your rv walls
Stikwood upgrade your rv walls
Stikwood upgrade your rv walls

Installing Stikwood is very DIY friendly! Each plank comes already finished so its just a matter of prep, measure, cut, peel, stick and roll! I love that Stikwood’s website has not only detailed instructions here, but also video tutorials here. Theres detailed instructions or videos for every step of the way depending on what kind of instructions you prefer! I love that they know some like to watch and some rather read.

Living in a tiny RV, renovations can be stressful! Especially when you have toddlers. Thanks to how easy it was to install and 75% of the prep already being done, we were able to finish quickly! Heres a short reel of progress on one of the walls we did.

Stikwood upgrade your rv walls
We picked charcoal for ours

I’ve seen others use them for their walls, ceilings, headboards, backsplash etc… They have so many beautiful color options theres really something for everyone and every project! They have a fun inspiration section on their website you can check out to get some ideas here.

If you are stumped on which color to choose you can grab samples! I love that they offer this, because it makes it easier to commit when you can see and feel the product before hand. Grab samples here

Stikwood upgrade your rv walls

Check out this fun paper bag DIY HERE

Stikwood upgrade your rv walls

We used ours to complete a fun herringbone pattern on the loft wall that just needed some character. Since its one of the first things you see when you step in our rig I wanted it to make a grand statement. Our walls on our living room slide we decided to do partial with a staggered plank pattern.

We wanted to break up all the plain sterile walls and add some fun! We have been so inspired by our travels out west, we wanted to incorporate some of that into our tiny home. More to come on door and ladder!

You can find our wallpaper here. Save 15% using code BIGHEARTSTINYSPACES15

Stikwood upgrade your rv walls
Stikwood upgrade your rv walls

We highly recommend Stikwood! Especially for RVs! The lightweight easy to install planks are not only a time saver, but they add so much to our space! If you decide to try them for yourself make sure you tag us on Instagram so we can see what you did for your space! I’d love to see. So what do you think? Are you ready to upgrade your RV walls?

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Stikwood upgrade your rv walls

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  1. Megan Ulrich says:

    Are they pretty lightweight?? I’m dreaming up all the places I could put this now 🤩 Love how you put it up too vs. just doing horizontal or vertical!

  2. Jodie says:

    Obsessed!😍 I want to reno the heck out of ours!!

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