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Blogging is Not Dead

Repeat after me… “blogging is not dead!” Blogs are where I go when I am about to visit somewhere new, try something different, or need a new recipe! I love reading blogs! In the RV community there are tons of active bloggers! I am currently obsessed with a few that I wanted to share. They are my go to, for all things RV. Are you an RV family, or thinking about becoming one? You should check these ladies out! You can easily find them on Instagram or go directly to their blogs linked below.

Adventures with Tucknae

RV blogger Janae and family

Janae at @adventureswithtucknae is an RV couple currently exploring the US in their 5th wheel with their two Mini Aussies. They share awesome travel destinations, helpful RV tips and tricks, and give you a look into what RV life is like for them. Blog https://adventureswithtucknae.com

Joko Travels

RV Bloggers
RV blogger Jodie and family

Jodie at @jokotravels shares about being is pipeline couple that recently converted into RV living with their pocket beagle Kallie. Through their new lifestyle they want to share their process of renovating, travels, RV life and more! Blog https://jokotravels.com

RV Bloggers


RV Bloggers
RV blogger Megan and husband

Megan at @Outdoorish is a blog giving you a look into what it’s like to live full-time in an RV. You can find anything from places they visit to RV tips and more. Blog https://outdoori.sh

RV Bloggers

Cool Mom and Collected

RV Bloggers
RV blogger Laura

Laura at @coolmomandcollected is a mom sharing her experience in RV living, motherhood, homemaking, and faith! Tag along for a relatable look, and more tips on personal growth in these areas! Blog https://www.coolmomandcollected.com

RV Bloggers

Stairs Up Handle In

RV Bloggers
RV blogger Jen and family

What do you get when you mix an indoorsy Bravo-holic with an outdoorsy hiker who decided to live full-time in their RV? Jen and Eric at @stairsup_handlein share their lives with a balanced blend of seeking adventure, and tips and ideas to help you turn your RV into a home. Blog https://www.stairsup-handlein.com/full-time-rv-lifestyle-blog

RV Bloggers

Crazy Family Adventure

RV bloggers
RV blogger Bryanna and family

Bryanna and Craig at @crazyfamilyadventure have been full time RVing with their 4 kids since May 2014! On their site, Crazy Family Adventure, they write about things to do at the locations they visit, RV living and road trips. Blog https://www.crazyfamilyadventure.com

RV Bloggers

Who are you currently reading?

Let me know below in the comments! Always looking for new blogs to check out!

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  1. Janae says:

    What an honor to be featured alongside these amazing bloggers! 💜 Thanks so much Sammy!

  2. Megan Ulrich says:

    Yes!! Blogs are my go to for all the travel ideas 🙌🏼 Love reading these ladies blogs also ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Jodie says:

    Sammy!! Omg I absolutely loved this and love following all of these beautifully smart and creative ladies including yourself! ❤️ Blogging is SO not dead! Anytime I look up a new recipe or like you said, a new travel destination, I always turn to my fellow bloggers! Thanks so much for including me in this girlfriend!!🙌🏼❤️

  4. Paige says:

    Such a great list and resource to reference!

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