On the Road With Traveling Husbands

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There is a large amount of marriages out there where a spouse travels for work full-time. Women have been joining husbands on the road for years, but their stories have not always been told. Continue reading below to see what lead them to being on the road with their traveling husbands. Including our family's personal reason too.

Spouses with Traveling Jobs lead to RV Life.

Not every couple or family that lives full-time in an RV does it to just freely travel. A large majority do it to be together. Work being the reason. Each of these ladies share their experience of joining their husband on the road full-time to be with him while he works.

Libby @behrneccesitiesrv

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

Libby has been traveling and living full-time in their RV for 10 years with husband Spencer who is a lineman.

Why They Live in a RV

Spenser works a dangerous job that requires us to live and travel full-time in our RV as we follow his career around the county, going from job to job. We have to pick up and move regularly, quite often at the drop of a hat. We felt that an RV was the best option for our lifestyle.


We always say that we “traded the material for the memorable”. And that is exactly what we hope to attain by living a nomadic lifestyle, acquiring a collection of memories and experiences rather than things. Not having to wait until you retire to pack up and travel the country. Giving our son a life that few can say they’ve lived and getting to do so together as a family. 

Any Regrets?

I don’t believe that you have to give up much of yourself to live a more simple life, to live with less, nor do I have many regrets about our choice to live the way we do. However, we will forever miss being close to family and friends, that is the most difficult part of our lifestyle.

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Jodie @jokotravels

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

Jodie has been on the road for 8 years and 6 months in the RV with her husband Kory who is a radiographer on the pipeline.

Why They Live in a RV

After 7 years of traveling for work, we made the decision to get an RV because we were so burnt out on moving. We were finding a new apartment, hotel or airbnb, every 6 months. We were exhausted. So on this last job we were on, we found the RV of our dreams. We drove 5 hours and changed our lives forever.


This life style allowed us to be free. It allowed us to bring our home everywhere we go, to sleep in our own bed. It's encouraged us to be outside more, to explore more and to travel further than we ever have before. We’ve never felt more at home and will forever cherish the ever changing views outside our window. 

Any Regrets?

I truly wish we would’ve done this sooner. All those years of dreaming and putting it off and thinking we couldn’t do this, is the only regret I have. If you don’t think you can do this, I am here to tell you, you can ABSOLUTELY do this too.

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Natalie @humbills.homeontherange

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

Natalie has been on and off the road for 9 years in the RV with her husband who is a lineman.

Why They Live in a RV

Being home in a house became normal and we actually did just fine, but after we had our 3rd baby, I realized my husband was going to miss everything with his first baby girl. I decided it was time for us to be together full-time again. It was something we thought about those 5 years off the road and I’m so glad we did it. Being together was worth any stress or hard times that come from living in our RV. Selling everything was such a freeing feeling. I will never forget it. Being alone became my normal and I didn’t even realize how much I missed being together. 


The biggest positive is definitely seeing my husband every night. He’s able to help put kids to bed, make it to some events and we don’t miss a day off because it’s too far for him to make it home to us. We go whenever he needs to go. Another positive is not paying for for a home and a RV and RV park payment. We are saving so much by living in one place. We have had so many amazing experiences everywhere we travel. Even the smallest places have something to see and do.

Any Regrets?

I often worry that my kids will be sad they didn’t get the chance to have those lifetime friends they grow up with. But aside from that I don’t really have any regrets!

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Brittany @brittanysmootimages

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

Brittany has been on the road for 4 years with her husband Corey who is a crane operator.

Why They Live in a RV

Corey and I both were looking for new adventure and ways to prosper more. We both decided to leave our homes in VA and move into a 28ft Springdale travel trailer down in Rodanthe, NC. He worked on bridges and I worked in dialysis. Then, we decided to take it to the next level and move out west to work on wind farms. Doing so, we purchased a 41ft Montana High Country fifth wheel (it felt like we moved into a mansion). It’s been the best decision we’ve ever made, we’ve even purchased land in Montana so we can stay out west forever! 


The biggest and best reason, which most nomads will agree, is being able to explore the country thoroughly. Also, if you’re like myself and love photography, it opens many opportunities for new work. And of course, meeting new friends everywhere we go is the ultimate reward. 

Any Regrets?

So far we’ve been very blessed and I can’t think of any regrets. Yeah, we’ve been a little underprepared for some weather situations, but it’s helped us gain more knowledge. I try to take any negative situations and turn them into learning experiences.  

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Dariene @totallyhitched_thealexanders

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

Dariene has been on the road for 4 years with her husband Jarad who is a coatings inspector for the pipeline.

Why They Live in a RV

The decision to be fulltime on the road literally came out of no where one day. 
Jarad came home from working at EN Engineering in houston and said I have a once in a life time opportunity to travel for the work I already do, but in a camper. My eyes lit up like wild fire and I was on board from the moment he said travel & take me with him! 


We have saved more money while living on the road than we would ever had living in an apartment.
Putting money towards something that we truly want in life was number ONE. It has allowed us to save so much more than we ever thought we could.
We have really come out of our shell since we've been on the road. 
Both of us engage with life and our surroundings more than we ever have. It really has opened us up in a positive way.

Any Regrets?

I'm sure everyone says this, but we regret not doing the travel life sooner. This was made for us. 

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Anna @theaccidentalgypsies

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

Anna has been on the road for 6 years with her husband Cale who is an assistant superintendent of the concrete division of a pipeline contractors company.

Why They Live in a RV

My husband took a new job when our local oil economy tanked. Originally we thought it would be temporary, but by the end of the year we realized that wasn’t the case and decided that it’d be better to be together, even if it was in a tiny space. Two years in for my husband, and 15 months in for myself, we upgraded from our 1996 toy hauler with no slides to a 2017 Montana bunkhouse and *really* committed to this lifestyle.


I really embraced the notion that you get to choose and create your own happiness. You choose your outlook on life, so you might as well choose one that keeps you happy! Another huge plus is how many new places we have been able to see and explore due to where the job has assigned us. Our kids also get to experience more regional cultures than if we had lived in the same town for the past six years.

Any Regrets?

There’s definitely a learning curve to living with less. Initially  our first RV was so small that the option of buying anything was just not an option. Fridge Tetris is a game we STILL play, even though our home we upgraded to in 2017 has double the fridge space. We have been very blessed that there have been consistent contracts in the same area and we haven’t had to move in three and a half years. The downside to that blessing is that we have gotten WAY too comfortable here and have let our practice of minimalism slide.

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Amanda @therollinboles

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

Amanda has been on the road for 3 years with her husband who is tankerman on an ocean-going tug and barge

Why They Live in a RV

We built a custom 1,800 Sq ft dream home in Nashville on 5 acres, a year later we bought a 19 ft travel trailer we would explore with when David was home. When we started realizing how sad we were to return home, we knew it was time to make a change. We sold everything and bought a 44 ft toyhauler fifth wheel and never looked back! A year later we switched to a 40 ft motorhome and love everything about it. 


We really get to maximize David's time home exploring and adventuring in new places. David and I have seen so much of this beautiful country we would not have gotten to see if we lived stationary. We get to make new friends, and hang out with friends and family all over the country. We get to chase the best weather. And have a backyard that changes from desert to lake to forest to swamp to beach with just a little bit of driving. 

Any Regrets?

I miss my bathtub, I miss having a garden. But that's really about it. We travel for hot springs so that makes up for not having a bathtub tenfold. 

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Sammy @bigheartstinys

On The Road With Traveling Husbands

It's me! Sammy! Our family has been on the road full-time with Dustin now for over a year. Dustin is a crane tech assembling and disassembling cranes all over the US.

Why We Live in a RV

Dustin has always dreamed of traveling full-time. We could just never figure out how that would work with kids. A job opportunity came along that I knew he needed to give a shot to. It was career building and I knew deep down he would love it. But it meant he would be gone 6-8weeks at a time. We tried the whole being apart and it was so hard on our family. We just had a baby and our 2 year old was crushed every time he left and was gone. Less than a year in we knew we needed a change. After one last tearful goodbye at the airport we decided enough was enough and jumped right into all the things we needed to do to get on the road together. Having no idea how much we would truly love it!


The biggest one is my kids get to see their dad everyday and he gets to see them. He was missing so much being away. Another would be all the experiences we have had in our travels. We have ran through canyons, swam in the rio, played in waterfalls, hiked mountain tops and more. Nothing can replace those memories. They are priceless and we honestly never would have got to do them living the life we were before.

Any Regrets?

My only regret is we didn't do this sooner. We love having this opportunity and have now realized we could have been doing this all along. Wish we just started sooner.

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Continue Following Their Stories On Why The Sold It All To Be Together

After reading the brief introductions of each of these ladies stories I hope you will continue to follow their journeys on their social media channels. Each having their own story to tell in a unique way inspiring others to live unconventionally, but together.

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