Krazy Glue RV Fireplace Face Lift

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Krazy Glue

I partnered with Krazy Glue to check off a project on my to do list in our RV. I wanted to give our RV fireplace a face lift. Krazy Glue was the perfect product to help make my vision a reality.

Krazy Glue


  • Wood slices of varying sizes- I used 2″-3″
  • Krazy Glue- Maximum Bond Super Glue, No-Run Gel, Maximum Control
Krazy Glue

No-Run Gel

This was one of the easiest and fastest DIY projects I’ve done in the RV. Using Krazy Glue’s Maximum Bond helped with its fast drying time and strong hold. One of the reasons I picked this product in particular to complete this project, was the no-run gel is great for vertical surfaces. I have used glues in the past that run and make big messes when trying to adhere something vertically.

Krazy Glue

Temperature Change

A part of living in an RV and doing any renovations and projects you have to remember the constant changing temperatures. Krazy Glue’s Maximum Bond is designed to withstand impact and changes in temperature. Gives me peace knowing it should last.

Check out how I used Peel N Stick Wood to upgrade our RV walls here.

Krazy Glue

Fast Drying

I had zero issues bonding the wood slices to the leather material since it is a multipurpose glue. The glue dried so quickly! I only had to hold for a minute or so and it was good to go! Making it a fast project.

Krazy Glue

Low Cost, Big Impact

This is one of my favorite DIY projects in our new RV. Cost very little and was so quick thanks to Krazy Glue. I highly recommend Krazy Glue for your DIY projects, crafts, and repairs.

Krazy Glue

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  1. Megan Ulrich says:

    It looks fabulous 🤩🤩 love the upgrade! Can’t believe you only used glue!

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