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We’re four big hearts that live in one tiny space. We travel the U.S with my husbands job full-time in our RV. We have adopted the lifestyle of experiences over things. 

We’re four big hearts that live in one tiny space. We travel the U.S with my husbands job full-time in our RV. We have adopted the lifestyle of experiences over things. 

How we ended up here...

"A crane wrangling cowboy that loves adventure and travel convinced his thoughtful and small town loving wife to hit the road paving the way for a new life."


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Maggie & Riggs

“A sibling is the lens through which you see your childhood.” – Ann Hood

Magnolia AKA Maggie
Maggie loves the outdoors, playing catch, and anything that involves her daddy. She's very compassionate. Always offering a hug or tries to make you laugh. Watching her grow into the role of big sister is the sweetest. On our hikes she loves to lead our pack. She was made for adventure. 

Riggs is our little wild man. He is full of action and always on the go. He could spend hours outside surrounded by nature and keep himself entertained. He loves to play with natural elements such as rocks, twigs, and dirt. You can find him following his sister and trying to copy what she's doing. He loves puppies and we think he believes to be one himself.  Our little pup has been just the book end our family needed. 



“We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action” – Dr. Henry  Link

Dustin is the leader of our silly tribe. He's a dreamer with a big traveling itch. He's always been a bit of a rambler, and now he's living his best life on the road with his family. He loves his babies and you can usually find him on the floor of the bunkhouse playing. He gets to basically live every little boys dream as and adult for work. He gets to over see cranes being built and tore down all over the US. Dustin hopes to one day make it on Survivor. So CBS if you're reading this, make his dreams come true!



“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood” – Elder M. Russell Ballard

Sammy is the voice behind all of our posts. She's always wanted babies, motherhood is something she is passionate about.  Snuggles, lots of laughter, and play makes her momma heart happy. She loves seeing our country out side of her home state Florida. Hills/mountains on the horizon excite her. You can find her creating and bringing old things back to life. Recently she found she enjoys photography, blogging, and sharing our journey. She would be nothing without Dustin and her babies. 


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We believe in the

"Raising our babies up through experiences over things".


Our philosophy is simple, raising our babies up through experiences over things. We want our children to grow through our travels and journey with the focus less on stuff. Our tiny home helps keep us accountable on this lifestyle choice, because there just isn't a lot of room. 

Can you imagine your baby taking some of their first steps in a canyon? Learning to swim in a natural spring? What about experiencing snow for the first time in New Mexico? These are just a few memories we already treasure .

Parenthood is hard and knowing you're making the right choices for your family is as well! we hope to inspire other families to be confident in their choices!

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We Do It for the

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen


How many times have you said "some day" to yourself? How many times have you felt yourself thinking there just isn't enough time, money, etc 

We have the freedom to just go and do now. No excuses or reasons holding us back. Our favorite thing to do is pick a spot and pack up our rig and go. Or pack over night bags and leave the rig. When home is mobile or easy to park there is less limitations. We do it for the freedom. To break the cycle of the "some days"!

Is your "some day" today?

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